Vivian Javiera Castro Villarroel

I’m a Chilean Visual Artist who has lived and worked in São Paulo since 2014. My degree is a Bachelor in Visual Arts with an emphasis in photography from the Universidad de Chile (2007). My Master’s degree is in Media and Audiovisual Processes from the Universidade de São Paulo (2016) and I’m studying for a doctorate in the same program. Currently I’m visiting researcher at the University of Amsterdam, sponsored by a Brazilian Science and Technology Foundation. I have participated in internships in Portugal, at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (2015) and in Germany, at the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg (2007). My work has been exhibited at several museums, cultural centers and publics spaces of Chile, Uruguay and Brazil. I produced and am the curator of the binational artistic project Continuum. In Montevideo, I was a photography and contemporary art teacher at the Universidad Católica del Uruguay and a visual communication teacher at the Universidad de la República.