Curators: Vivian Castro and Manuel Gianoni

We began this project with an interest in reflecting upon the body and its technological relationship with the environment. The body was not the topic of our project but, rather, it was the common thread which allowed us to articulate diverse readings of it: as an interface with the environment (and also with the work) and as a perception scale.
This interest implicitly required a reflection upon technology. On the one hand, we consider the current context in which life is conditioned by immersion in online social networks and virtual realities, in which access to technology and new ways of working are generating a radical change in the ways in which we inhabit the world and relate to it. And, on the other hand, we also consider the implications of the above for the world of art.

Artistas: Daniel Argente, Monica Bate, Vivian Castro, Daniel Cruz, Lucía Ferreira, Fernanda Gassen, Manuel Gianoni, Rainer Krause, Diego Masi, Fabiana Monteblanco, Carla Motto, Ignacio Rodríguez, Enrique Zamudio.
Uruguay, Chile, Brasil.

Exhibitions: Meeting point, Ministry of Education and Culture, Uruguay 2010.
Kavlin Cultural Center, Punta del Este, 2011.
Mapocho Cultural Center Station, Chile 2012.
Museum of Modern Art, Chiloé, Chile, 2011.
Contemporary Art Space, Uruguay 2013.



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