Fuera del tiempo


This photographic work is about the neighborhood Ciudad Vieja in Montevideo.
This place, the old historical center of the city, presents several characteristics that caught my attention. Firstly, it is a place of contrasts: monuments and grafitti, banks and beggars, colonial, neoclassical and modern buildings, civil servants and the unemployed. Moreover, it is a space of transition, with a cyclical temporal dynamic, in which the crowds of the workday give way to the voids of the night, and in which everything seems to be destroyed and constructed at the same time. These particularities contribute to generate a particular climate and a place that would seem to be “suspended in time”.
I developed the project in two stages. The first was a series of black-and-white photographs that I took in 2010, presented in a backlight print installation on a double-sided panel. The second was an installation from the photographic and audio recordings that I took in 2012, in which I explored a sonorous landscape the changes in human texture and inhabits this place throughout a whole day.

Exhibition at Meeting point, Ministry of Education and Culture, Uruguay 2010.
Mapocho Cultural Center Station, Chile 2012.
Museum of Modern Art, Chiloé, Chile, 2011.
Kavlin Cultural Center, Punta del Este, 2011.



Fuera del tiempo II

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