La memoria de los otros


Vivian Javiera and Manuel Gianoni

How are images of a memory articulated? How much is provided by memory and how much is added by us?
Any photograph, including that which gives us back the social codes of viewing and doing, is always a new story. A new reality, which is capable of triggering the memory of the other, even if the other is unfamiliar and ignores the referent of the image.
In this game, the spectator’s view plays a particular and unique role, full of memory, with the photograph being a tangible, but also transparent object. That is to say, I see the photograph and see through the photograph.
Here, there are elements that identify with reality; there is a convencional-social reading. However, not even the most perfect photograph equals reality, since, in it, we always find alien objects. Noises of the image that reveal it as an independent object, with its own codes.
We used photographs in which ways of living and ordering the image are verified, in which the photographed moves towards the common places of pose and self-representation.

Exhibition at Contemporary Art Space
Uruguay, 2010






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